This podcast offers insight on the importance of leadership and connections as we build a new future together. Our conversations engage leaders across diverse organizations that can offer perspective on the importance of cultivating community in solving leadership challenges. Originating from the
Coca-Cola Leadership Summit, the content will offer insights both from acting CEO/CMOs and thought leaders across business today. Each podcast will explore the core attributes of today’s most effective leaders and the cultures they establish. Each episode will include the element of community and the concept of co-creating strategy and solutions that cannot be achieved when working alone. This content is relevant and actionable to anyone who is seeking wisdom from leaders who are actively leading a successful enterprise.

Episode Blogs

CMO 9 | Strong Culture
  As leaders, we must create strong cultures and that is never a simple proposition. Understanding the dynamics of optimal performance require navigating the complications of the human experience. Our missions can be inspirational, yet they can also include a dark side. Our ability to navigate change and chaos and commitments is a skill that, as leaders, we must learn to master. Are we telling ourselves and others the truth and are we creating cultures
CMO 8 | Culture Of Connection
  Heather Neary is an inspirational leader who creates a true sense of community within her team. After moving from CMO to CEO, she continues to bring her love of the brand into everything she does. Her connections to others, her willingness to maintain a beginner’s mind, and her genuine dedication to her own growth as a leader allows her to model authentic leadership. Heather’s true connection and curiosity for others makes her an inspirational
The initial idea for the CMO Summit was proposed back in 2011 by Brad Taylor who was leading the customer marketing organization at the time. As we talked about the idea we wondered if our customers would want to take the time to form a community of peers. We knew how pressed for time everyone was and how many conferenced and events already existed. Would organizations that often competing for guests come together in the
  For most of us, we live our lives through calendars, planned structures and meetings that we sometimes get burned out or reach a plateau. For Davin Youngs, CEO and Facilitator at VOXUS, tapping into a force that is both creative and unpredictable can steer you back into motivation, improvisation, and growth, and that is our human voice. The VOXUS team brings years of experience coaching and working with the human voice through singing. They
TEL 01 | Leadership Through Community
Leadership has become a well-worn word, something that people talk about all the time. We tell ourselves that there is one person out there who’s the genius and who’s going to fix everything. Occasionally, we think it’s ourselves and we’re always wrong. The reality is we work in groups. There are always new insights to be had, but one of the things that we’re seeking to weave throughout is this whole idea of leadership through