This podcast offers insight on the importance of leadership and connections as we build a new future together. Our conversations engage leaders across diverse organizations that can offer perspective on the importance of cultivating community in solving leadership challenges. Originating from the
Coca-Cola Leadership Summit, the content will offer insights both from acting CEO/CMOs and thought leaders across business today. Each podcast will explore the core attributes of today’s most effective leaders and the cultures they establish. Each episode will include the element of community and the concept of co-creating strategy and solutions that cannot be achieved when working alone. This content is relevant and actionable to anyone who is seeking wisdom from leaders who are actively leading a successful enterprise.

Episode Blogs

CMO Emma | Winging It
  So often, we feel the need to have all the answers. For Emma Isaacs, however, sometimes all it takes is to wing it and trust in ourselves and take bold steps forward into what we want to create. Emma is an Australian entrepreneur and the owner and Global CEO of Business Chicks, Australia’s business women’s community. She sits down with Katherine Twells today to talk about the concepts from her brand new book called Winging It and
  In this rapidly changing world, corporations and communities are but two sides of one coin. To solve higher order problems, they must work with each other, not against each other. How can these two parties play their respective roles in the common struggle for the common good? This is but one of the big topics tackled in this wide-ranging conversation between Kathy Twells and Peter Sheahan, a top-rated keynote speaker, innovative business thinker and
CMO Boyd | Finding Your Authentic Path
  Born and raised at Londolozi Game Reserve in the South African wilderness in a family of conservationists, Boyd Varty grew up with lions, leopards, snakes, and elephants, speaking the local language and learning how humans and nature can naturally and beautifully co-exist. Boyd is a wildlife and literacy activist and a lion tracker, life coach, storyteller, and author. On today’s podcast, he joins Katherine Twells to talk about how you can discover the track of your
CMO Pico | Exploration Of Uncertainty
  Even before uncertainty became a buzzword, we have had to deal with it every day, but the situation we are facing now forces us to take a harder look at it and accept its reality. This conversation between Kathy Twells and Pico Iyer, a writer and travel enthusiast, is an exploration of uncertainty – an inquiry on how we can navigate the unfamiliar landscape of the world during COVID-19. As a traveler, Pico knows that more often than not, the
CMO Andrew | Resilience Practices
  We have always gone through adversity, even before the whole COVID-19 pandemic started. Still, there is no better time than now to start thinking about developing practices that build resilience and promote wellbeing despite whatever life may throw at us. We need to start thinking of ways to practice self-care to show up better as role models and leaders in our business and personal lives. Katherine Twells delves into this timely topic with Andrew Deutscher,