Coke CMO Chicago 2019

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Coca-Cola CMO Summit is to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices among our most respected industry leaders and partners. The Coca-Cola Company serves as a catalyst, creating space for community, conversations, and peer connections that will uplift all who engage - both the participating brands and the individual leaders who guide them.

Our authors and speakers offer thought provoking content and welcome direct interaction among marketing leaders allowing the conversation to be expanded to benefit the greater community. Our ultimate goal is collective growth through collaboration of all participants, both during the annual summit and throughout the year through the ongoing engagement of the community.

Featured Blogs

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Living Halfway With Alex Woodard

  Why do people obsess over the illusion of “someday”? What is it about it that makes us believe that...
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Being True With Tami Simon

  The road towards self-awareness and self-improvement is roughly challenging. But it is incumbent upon each one of us to...

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