This podcast offers insight on the importance of leadership and connections as we build a new future together. Our conversations engage leaders across diverse organizations that can offer perspective on the importance of cultivating community in solving leadership challenges. Originating from the
Coca-Cola Leadership Summit, the content will offer insights both from acting CEO/CMOs and thought leaders across business today. Each podcast will explore the core attributes of today’s most effective leaders and the cultures they establish. Each episode will include the element of community and the concept of co-creating strategy and solutions that cannot be achieved when working alone. This content is relevant and actionable to anyone who is seeking wisdom from leaders who are actively leading a successful enterprise.

Episode Blogs

CMO Ben Nemtin | Original Course
  In this episode, we discuss the art of living a life of purpose, passion, and fearlessness with the remarkable Ben Nemtin, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? and The Bucket List Journal. Today, Ben shares how to track our true and original course in life, unlocking boundless potential and fulfillment. He discusses how to create a culture that encourages individuals to pursue their
CMO Violet Rainwater | Elevate Your Experience
  Past traumas and adversities, coupled with societal expectations, have the power to hold us back from developing our true potential. It is time we reclaim that power and elevate these experiences, transforming them from chains to catalysts that propel us toward our life’s purpose. Just like our guest today, her childhood trauma and, later on, mental collapse from overwhelming stress and anxiety led her to completely change her approach to life. Now, she is
CMO George Mumford | Unlocked
  You have the potential to embrace your greatness, find the flow, and discover success. All you need is a proven strategy that works for you to unleash your innate strengths to avoid burnout and discover success. In this episode, George Mumford, the Author of The Mindful Athlete, offers his proven strategy to guide us on the path to harnessing our strength and getting Unlocked. The ever-changing place can be quite scary because of the
CMO Dr. Friedemann Schaub M.D.,Ph.D | Empowerment
  In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, maintaining balance and finding inner peace can feel like an uphill battle. Break free from the patterns that hold you back and unleash the power within to create a life of purpose, peace, and unyielding strength. Welcome back! In this thought-provoking conversation, we dive deep into the realm of personal development and mental well-being. Our guest today is Dr. Friedemann Schaub, a respected physician, researcher, personal development coach,
CMO Dr. Karyn Gordon | EQ
  Embrace the transformative power of emotional intelligence, cultivate confidence, and gain clarity to unlock a more powerful path in leadership and life. Join us for an enlightening episode as we engage in a captivating conversation with Dr. Karyn Gordon, Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, TED Talk speaker, and CEO of DK Leadership. With a heart of service, Dr. Gordon discusses how to cultivate confidence and clarity in both leadership and life. She centers the