If two powerful abilities would rule the future, it will be innovation and intuition. Duncan Wardle, Disney’s former Head of Innovation and Creativity, takes us into the world of innovative thinking and how to return to the expansive lens of our childhood. After 25 years at Disney, he has learned not only how to escape our routinized rivers of thinking but also how to move into a more creative and intuitive place. Discover your
CMO 23 | Innovation
  Does your strategy reflect the new normal? We live in unpredictable times where the rules are changing and the formulas for success are disintegrating. The only constant is change and it requires a new level of leadership that is able to anticipate these changes and mobilize teams to capture new opportunity. In this talk, bestselling author and thought leader Frans Johansson shows organizations how to innovate, grow, and create a self-sustaining culture that can
CMO 22 | Faces of Innovation
  The current tides of the world have asked for more innovation among businesses to adapt to the fast-changing times. Nancy Quan, Global Chief Technical Officer for the Coca-Cola Company, talks about the many faces of innovation, leadership, and personal risks. Nancy talks about that willingness to step through every open door and see the difference it can make in your career. She gives us her own personal journey as she develops into a position
CMO 21 | User Experience
  Technology has definitely changed the game for marketers to reach and connect people. It is not enough anymore to wait for them to come to you. Now, you have to put in the effort to actually get to them and have them respond. One of the great things that technology has helped businesses overcome that is using AI, which holds the power to create dynamic user experiences. Dameon Pope, partner at IBM iX, finds
CMO 20 | Light Meets Magic
  Stories are beautiful in the way it allows a person to dive deep into another world that tends to bring out certain pieces in us that we don’t know about. Yet the process of telling and writing stories is not often as easy as it is to see its beauty. Two great writers speak about their writing process, taking in the struggles they meet and finding creativity in them along the way: Anthony Doerr