CMO Sibyl | Embracing Possibility
  How do you achieve success and reach your goals? You do that by embracing possibility! In this episode, Katherine Twells interviews the founder of The Possibility of Today, Sibyl Chavis. Sibyl talks about her dream of becoming a lawyer, working towards the goal at Harvard and finally reaching her dream. She discusses the feeling of climbing the wrong ladder and pivoting towards her new goal of helping others lead better lives. Tune in and
CMO Parneet | Finding Wisdom
  As we go on through our lives, we acquire the wisdom that we need for self-fulfillment. We should be aware that we all have the power to create a better world, one passionate step at a time. Join Katherine Twells and the Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs Parneet Pal as they delve into finding the mental, emotional and physical balance in dealing with different circumstances every day and how to find wisdom in our professional life
CMO Scott | The Full Body Yes
  Not many of us get to do the things we’re passionate about. But when that moment comes, more often than not, it provides not only a sense of fulfillment to us but to those we impact as well. Scott Shute was able to do that. Marrying his passion with his corporate role, he has found a way to authentically live at the intersection of the workplace and ancient wisdom traditions. He is currently the Director of
CMO Alex | Living Halfway
  Why do people obsess over the illusion of “someday”? What is it about it that makes us believe that what we have now is going to be better when we get to that point in life someday? Singer-songwriter and author of Living Halfway, Alex Woodard, talks with Katherine Twells about his life journey and shares his own experiences that made him realize that sometimes, surrendering what you think the plan is going to be
CMO Tami | Inner Work
  The road towards self-awareness and self-improvement is roughly challenging. But it is incumbent upon each one of us to do the inner work that it takes to get to where we want our lives to be. Katherine Twells sits down with the founder of Sounds True, Tami Simon, who discusses the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and self-management. Tami talks about how being cognizant of what our bodies are telling us helps build emotional intelligence