CMO Maureen | Leadership Philosophy
  Not everything goes according to plan, but can you still go out there and share your vision with the rest of the world? In this episode, Maureen Chiquet, an American businesswoman who was CEO of the fashion house, Chanel, from 2007 to 2016, shares her story on how her vision still took place even after rejections she received in her early days in retail. She talks about her fascination with beauty, the changes in her leadership
CMO Victoria | Transformative Performing Arts Principles
  In a world that is full of uncertainty and moves with incredible speed and change, are goals still relevant? Keynote performer and strategist, Victoria Labalme, believes otherwise. For her, we don’t need goals as much as we need guiding principles. In this episode, we lend our ears to her presentation on these principles from performing arts to transform your performance in business and life. She gathers greats insights from her experiences taking on the
CMO Ron | Power Of Stories
  Stories bridge the gap between where we were to where we are right now. The space in between holds the power of stories in being able to connect with others and drive them to action. Telling us multiple stories that pack its importance to leadership is Ron Tite, speaker, author, and CEO of Church+State. In this episode, we listen to him as he reveals the power of stories and how we can tell great
CMO Boyd | Ancient Technologies For Leadership
  Even as the world continues to change, there are still so many things from our past that can take us forward. For life coach and lion tracker, Boyd Varty, that is the ancient art form of tracking. In his talk, he guides us through his story of tracking lions in South Africa and how this experience offered immeasurable wisdom on becoming an effective leader. Boyd shows us through his adventure the great life lessons
CMO Geoff | Brand Renaissance
  So often do marketers focus on the brand, the product, or the service that they are offering that they forget the real essence of their job: to serve the consumers. Geoff Cottrill, SVP of Marketing for Coke North America, gets down to the heart of being a marketer. Through his talk, Brand Renaissance, Geoff shares with us the wisdom he has earned throughout his career of marketing the right way—from his work at Coca-Cola