CMO Sarah | Believing In Yourself
  Everyone has their self-pursuits and goals to which they dedicate a decade or more of their lives to progressively step further and reach fruition. Believe in yourself, that is what you say to yourself to get that impulse of optimism and enthusiasm to strive further the challenging road ahead of you. But is it that easy to repeat it in chorus in your head? Sarah Wells, the Founder of The Believe Initiative, knows that
CMO Carmen | Diversity And Inclusion
  Now, more than ever, the world has realized how important it is to enrich relationships, build communities, and move towards a collective goal. And one of the most notable objectives of humanity these days is to harness the magic of diversity and inclusion. How can we adapt to such a setting in today’s struggling society? Joining Katherine Twells is Carmen Smith, sharing how they promote a diverse and equal culture at Disney by nurturing
CMO RON | Art Of Improvisation
  The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many people to pivot in more ways than one, which paved the way to various personal discoveries and trials. For Ron Tite who does a lot of stand-up comedy, the art of improvisation guided him to become extra flexible in these chaotic times. Interestingly, this mindset led him to appreciate the silver linings of every challenging situation. He sits down with Katherine Twells to share how even going off script in a
CMO Josh | Creative Troublemaking
  It is tempting to look at innovation as the province of big minds, big corporations and their ilk, but each of us has the capacity to tap into our creative powers and do little breakthroughs every day. There is no better time than now to look inside, to see what we can bring forth to evolve our world into a better place. Joining Katherine Twells on the show to awaken this tremendous creative capacity
CMO David | Discover Your Authentic Voice
  These days, it can be so easy to get inundated by the rapid change happening in the world that we end up forgetting who we are. Bringing you back to your center to discover your authentic voice, Katherine Twells invites Davin Youngs, a Somatic Voicework teacher and the founder of Davin Youngs Voice, in this episode. Working to move people into self-discovery and elevation, Davin offers us some much-needed insights, especially as we navigate the COVID-19