CMO Alex | Living Halfway
  Why do people obsess over the illusion of “someday”? What is it about it that makes us believe that what we have now is going to be better when we get to that point in life someday? Singer-songwriter and author of Living Halfway, Alex Woodard, talks with Katherine Twells about his life journey and shares his own experiences that made him realize that sometimes, surrendering what you think the plan is going to be
CMO Tami | Inner Work
  The road towards self-awareness and self-improvement is roughly challenging. But it is incumbent upon each one of us to do the inner work that it takes to get to where we want our lives to be. Katherine Twells sits down with the founder of Sounds True, Tami Simon, who discusses the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and self-management. Tami talks about how being cognizant of what our bodies are telling us helps build emotional intelligence
CMO Michael | Story Of Karma
  The road towards love and truth can be like climbing a mountain. While the journey can be difficult, it isn’t without its lessons and rewards. Join Katherine Twells as she sits down for a conversation with mountaineer, writer, and entrepreneur Michael Schauch. Giving us a peek into his book, A Story of Karma, Michael talks about his travels to Nepal, climbing the Himalayas, and meeting an extraordinary little girl named Karma who would change his
CMO Charlie | Value Based Leadership
  The Covid-19 pandemic has crushed and destroyed so many businesses. It didn’t matter if they were big or small, most of the companies that went bankrupt during the pandemic lacked a clear vision. It takes a true leader to take over and grab the wheel of the company when it’s needed most. Join your host, Katherine Twells, in this lovely conversation with Wingstop Chairman and CEO, Charlie Morrison. Follow Charlie as he talks about
CMO W | Service To Self
  In this age of social media, narcissism has become even more felt. It shows up not only as our personas online but also in business. If you’re not aware, it could be impacting you negatively. Bringing new and important knowledge in this episode, Katherine Twells sits down with W. Keith Campbell, PhD. Dr. Campbell is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia and is the author of more than 100 scientific articles and four books,