CMO Drew Dudley | Personal Impact
  Too often, we see leaders as people born with special skills and traits that make them better suited for success than the rest of us. The truth is leadership is not about title or position. It is about personal impact. It’s about character and actions. Sometimes, the most unlikely people are the most effective leaders. We all can lead, and it is up to us to step up and take on the challenge when
CMO Dr. Mark Goulston | Wake-up Call
  We all have our inner demons. We let it ruin our relationships and run away with our dreams. And in this highly competitive world, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the thought of wanting to be someone else. If you’re still in the nightmare that you are never going to enough, this is your wake-up call! In this episode of The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab, Dr. Mark Goulston shares his journey of self-doubt, finding his inner strength,
CMO Jim | Zen Executive
  To be a Zen Executive is to lead by example because you influence your people’s lives. What you do at work affects their self-care after work. That is why you need to work on both yourself and others. Here to combine spirituality with business, join Katherine Twells as she talks to Jim Blake about his new book, The Zen Executive. Jim is the CEO of Unity World Headquarters, a spiritual nonprofit founded in 1889.
CMO Marc Champagne | Mental Fitness
  Do you want to attain mental fitness and fortitude but you don’t know how? Then this is just the right episode for you! Marc Champagne shares how he keeps himself mentally fit. It actually started with just a simple thing he does every morning, which is to wake up 10 -15 minutes earlier and just consume positive content from different materials such as blog posts, magazines, and books. In this episode, he dives deep
CMO Compassion | Coca-Cola Compassion Lab
  Welcome to The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab! Yes, the name of the podcast has changed but make no mistake, our purpose and content will stay the same. Listen in as Katherine Twells discusses this meaningful and timely change and why it’s happening for the podcast. See you in The Lab for more great conversation! — Listen to the podcast here   Welcome To The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab Our Name Is Changing But Not Our Content