CMO 14 | Brand Belonging
  Moving from Apple to IBM, Nancy Kramer shares about brand belonging and her journey towards becoming a Chief Evangelist at IBM iX. Starting from her origin story, she lays down her upbringing and history that led her to where she is now. She speaks about the individual’s grit and having that ability to take over, learning from one’s mistakes as well as others. She also shares about her days with Apple under Steve Jobs,
CMO 13 | Once is Never
  Failure has almost always never felt good, nor does it feel a path to success. When we find ourselves exactly in that moment, we immediately believe for it to be terrible. In this funny, poignant, and comforting talk by Pulitzer Prize Winner, Anthony Doerr, he speaks of the different perceptions and experiences of failure and successes that rings familiar to each of us—from great novelists and writers, to his own personal story. He brings
CMO 12 | Innovation Mindset
  The world does not remain the same and so do we. That is why businesses must learn how to keep moving along side it or they will get left behind and vanish. To do that, they must have what President of Venturing & Emerging Brands, Scott Uzzell calls the innovation mindset. He guides as you explore the world of innovation—from what is the current state and figuring out how to fit in it. He
CMO 11 | Expression Economy
  Speaker, author, and founder and CEO of Church+State, Ron Tite gives advice on how to thrive in the expression economy. People now have become smarter with their choices. This says a lot about how businesses and/or organizations move in order to survive. It does not anymore suffice to just provide because today, people crave stories and connection. So Ron helps out as he talks about organizational alignment, getting the organizations and individuals to think,
CMO 10 | Competitive Advantage
  Often times, companies fail because they claim to never see future coming. This idea is highly in contrast to what keynote speaker, thought leader, and consultant Peter Sheahan believes. He says that the changes coming are not as unforeseeable as what many think. That is why he greatly values the role of leaders and how their leadership response influences the entire company. Talking about turning change into competitive advantage, he speaks of the journey