This podcast offers insight on the importance of leadership and connections as we build a new future together. Our conversations engage leaders across diverse organizations that can offer perspective on the importance of cultivating community in solving leadership challenges. Originating from the
Coca-Cola Leadership Summit, the content will offer insights both from acting CEO/CMOs and thought leaders across business today. Each podcast will explore the core attributes of today’s most effective leaders and the cultures they establish. Each episode will include the element of community and the concept of co-creating strategy and solutions that cannot be achieved when working alone. This content is relevant and actionable to anyone who is seeking wisdom from leaders who are actively leading a successful enterprise.

Episode Blogs

CMO Cal-John | Questions And Storytelling
  Questions and storytelling go hand in hand. In this episode, New York Times best-selling author, Cal Fussman, and top sales keynote speaker, John Livesay, explain to us the importance of queries when telling stories in relation to your brand. Cal shares to us how he stumbled upon the value of asking the right questions from his interview with Mikhail Gorbachev. Going further, John shares the four elements of a great story, giving examples of
CMO Maureen | Leadership Philosophy
  Drawing on her broad experience from mass to class, including inside three of the globe’s most iconic brands, Maureen Chiquet details the vital ingredients for creating and sustaining brand excellence. To her, all great brands seem to possess a unique alchemy. They embody a certain amount of paradox by accomplishing things that seem, or once seemed, impossible. They embody a sense of deeper purpose, connecting with people beyond products alone. And they are also
CMO Victoria | Transformative Performing Arts Principles
  Competition, speed, and change are increasing at unprecedented levels. Driving peak performance is critical, but  breakthrough, sustainable results are elusive. Using the skills she developed through 25 years of professional stage and screen performances, Victoria leverages her background—from Broadway to Hollywood—to share unexpected insights and a unique methodology. She shows her clients how to tap into and apply the hidden genius within their individuals and organizations. From the boardrooms of Fortune 100 companies to
CMO Ron | Power Of Stories
  Times Square isn’t just one of the most vibrant parts of the world, it’s also one of the most distracting. With massive messages, blinking lights, animated creatures, and scrolling text along with the authentic NY honks and music and protests and characters performing at street level, people don’t know where to look. Well, Times Square isn’t just in Times Square, it’s also in your pocket. And it’s in your car. And it’s in your
CMO Boyd | Ancient Technologies For Leadership
  In this talk, Boyd Varty – tracker, coach, and storyteller – will teach you how to find the “track” of your own leadership. As we cross the threshold into adventure, Boyd will take us into the African wilderness where he grew up to discover how ancient technologies can powerfully inform the decisions of today’s fast-paced business world. In a world where we must navigate vast amounts of data and are ruled by the intelligence