CMO Marc Champagne | Mental Fitness
  Do you want to attain mental fitness and fortitude but you don’t know how? Then this is just the right episode for you! Marc Champagne shares how he keeps himself mentally fit. It actually started with just a simple thing he does every morning, which is to wake up 10 -15 minutes earlier and just consume positive content from different materials such as blog posts, magazines, and books. In this episode, he dives deep
CMO Compassion | Coca-Cola Compassion Lab
  Welcome to The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab! Yes, the name of the podcast has changed but make no mistake, our purpose and content will stay the same. Listen in as Katherine Twells discusses this meaningful and timely change and why it’s happening for the podcast. See you in The Lab for more great conversation! — Listen to the podcast here   Welcome To The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab Our Name Is Changing But Not Our Content
CMO Simon | Meaningful Change
  The planet is almost one minute to midnight and people are trying to fix everything by tomorrow. That isn’t going to work until they realize that they have to make a meaningful change. Everyone is at fault, they’ve known about these issues for years and haven’t acted. Now is the time to act together for a brighter future. To help us with that is your host Katherine Twells and her guest Simon Mainwaring. Simon
  The book 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week, written by Tiffany Shlain, is about remembering the pleasures of the analog world. People need to learn how to balance both technology and humanity. Because when you disconnect from your screens, you get to really find and discover yourself. Join your host Katherine Twells as she talks to Emmy-nominated filmmaker, speaker, author, and so much more, Tiffany Shlain. Tiffany explores the relationship between humanity and
CMO Anthony | Space For Imagination
  In today’s digital and fast-paced world, everyone is too busy with a lot of things, be it in their families or their careers. Focusing on too many tasks at once leaves no more space for imagination. This results in an extremely stressful world full of unnecessary noise. Katherine Twells delves into elevating wellbeing with actor and speaker Anthony McLean. He talks about his hopes to finally blur the lines of racism, how to cope